Types of Cigarette Filters

Published on September 9th, 2014 00:00
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The first cigarette filter was developed by Boris Aivaz in 1925, even so before 1930s all smoking product were sold without filter caused by the absence of proper equipment. Cigarettes can be used both with and without filter. Filters are known to minimize the level of hazardous ingredients that you breather during the smoking process.

Light Filters
Light filter is made of fiber, glue and a number of chemical ingredients that make tobacco taste and flavor more subtle and offer extra fast nicotine absorption nicotine. This type of filter is filled and twisted freely to that tobacco smoke goes through filter in the course of inhalation.

King Filters
As opposed to light filters, the kings are pressed tightly so that smokers can enjoy their cigarettes for a longer time period. King filter is not supposed to reduce the flavoring characteristics of a cigarette smoke, but to enhance it and provide cigarette lovers with a rich and deep tobacco taste.

Menthol Filters
Menthol filters consist of portions of white fibrous cork that have been spliced into a soft fabric. The main component of this filter is a non-tobacco compound called menthol, which gives a fresh flavor. Besides menthol filters at present there can be found fruit, rum, chocolate and mango filters. If you are one of those who likes to roll own cigarettes, than you can choose any flavoring you want for your cigarette.

Plastic Filters
It is very difficult to find this filter, but it does exist.  Cigarettes with this filter have an extended plastic tipped filter that can be utilized like a cigarette holder. Usually, such filters can be noticed in old classic films. The plastic filter lowers the grade of smoke that can be smoked and it also requires a much deeper inhalation so as to have sufficient smoke to inhale. Owing to this distinct inhalation process, the cigarette is burned up earlier than the smoker realizes to smokes the entire cigarette.

Perforated Filters
Perforated filter is generally used in light cigarettes; it consists of small holes that disperse tobacco smoke with clean air. Full flavored cigarettes do not have these perforations, and ultra lights on the contrary have larger perforations.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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