Marlboro Packages Adjust to Plain Pack Rules

Published on January 14th, 2016 00:00
new Marlboro packing

Philip Morris had its new Marlboro packing expecting in the wings. It had been released in France last year. The new styles were thus launched in the UK only one week after the UK government signed off on suggestions to present plain packaging of cigarettes.

Marlboro Red, Gold, Silver Blue, Ice Blast and White Menthol will all be released this month. The cigarettes include new tipping paper designs and have been improved to contain a firm filter. The new packages have stored the common Marlboro chevron, but a printed font design and soft touch finish substitute the black font of the old Marlboro logo. In accordance with Philip Morris, the new style demonstrates the “constant development of the cigarette brand over its 90 year history”. The cigarettes own new tipping paper designs and have been improved to incorporate a firm filter.

Martin Inkster, managing director for the UK and Ireland, explained, “We have produced the bold step to renovate the product to guarantee that adult smokers receive the best quality smoking experience. Our new packaging lies us aside from the competition, fortifies Marlboro’s brand credentials, and most significantly, includes the world’s best-selling cigarette range. "We have also included firm filters which provide high quality you can feel, and a better way to stub out your cigarette,” he confirmed.

Philip Morris has, though, invested in the Marlboro HeatStick after acquiring British e-cigarette maker, Nicocigs. The Heatstick is a cigarette-like stick, which warms its tobacco to 350 Celsius in order to produce a tobacco-flavored nicotine vapor, as opposed to burning it. The new kind of e-cigarette promises that it could decrease the damaging toxins found in cigarette smoke.

Philip Morris International has spent over £1.2 billion creating the electrically run product that varies from an e-cigarette in that it possesses tobacco. It seems like a cigarette and works when it is positioned inside a holder. The holder can heat up to 20 'cigarettes' on a charge, and come with a mains USB charger.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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