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Published on December 1st, 2014 00:00
British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco (BAT) has reported the release of an iPad application of its Science and Technology Report 2014. ‘The present report – considered the first of its kind in the worldwide tobacco industry – offers an guide of not only BAT’s present research work in tobacco damage decrease but furthermore it is designed in using first class science to create and evaluate new technological innovations that will result in the development of more secure tobacco and nicotine products, the company explained in a press note released on Monday. ‘The innovative application, accessible absolutely free in the iTunes store, includes the whole 26-page report with extra multimedia content, together with zoom able images and video interviews with major BAT researchers.’

BAT’s Group Research & Development department declares it is operating towards a considerably better comprehending of the fundamental systems of smoking-related illnesses and the creation of diminished toxicant products. “Taking into account the huge adverse effect that cigarette smoking has on public health, we have long considered that there is an immediate need to create products that decrease this effect, and that the building of the rising science base required to examine these products should be first-rate and non-competitive,” explained David O’Reilly, group scientific leader. “The time has come for tobacco and nicotine investigation to become popular, and regular for improvement in all areas.”

The Science and Technology report has been already down loaded more than 90,000 times from since it was released online in January. ‘It specifies BAT’s ongoing areas of damage decrease research, like aerosol science, clinical research and 21st century toxicology,’ the press note explained. ‘It also take into account prospects for collaborative investigation targeted at determining the most essential toxicants and their relationship to diverse illnesses. ‘These consist of creating technologies to selectively minimize toxicant levels in tobacco, and advancing next-generation tobacco products.’

BAT stated it was expected that the new application would expand the reach of the Science and Technology report, assisting to additional dialogue and assistance on tobacco regulatory research. “It is an appeal for more collaborative investigation between all involved parties, in an area of scientific endeavor that could turn out to be one of the most crucial public health projects of the 21st Century – tobacco damage decrease,” stated Chris Proctor, BAT’s chief scientific leader

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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