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Before beginning to use www.tobacco-pub.net we urge user to pay especial attention to our terms and condition section. This section is designed to render a list of particular conditions that every person using our site should comply with. The list of terms and conditions is specified above, please read it carefully and take into account each time you use the site.

Age Restriction Policy: We do not allow any individual under 21 years old (for US residents) or 18 years old (for the residents of European Countries) to place the orders at our shop.

Quality of products: We guarantee that all tobacco products available at our site are manufactured with compliance to all corresponding quality standards. Therefore, the cigarettes are of premium quality and freshness. Please note that our online store doesn’t carry any liability for any modifications in quality or taste of particular cigarettes brands, in case those modifications are implemented by cigarette manufacturers.

Further Distribution of the products: Any further distribution or re-sale of tobacco products purchased on www.tobacco-pub.net is strictly prohibited. The cigarettes available on the site should be used for personal consumption only.

Processing of the orders: All orders are processed within 24 hours from the moment of placing them.

Shipping of the orders: The average shipping term is 10-20 days from the day of placing the order. The cost of shipping and handling is specified in the FAQ section and in the order processing page.

Financial guarantees: tobacco-pub.net guarantees the confidentiality of your credit card information. However, the site is not liable for financial part of order placement, and is not responsible for any difficulties or errors occurred during the order placement process. Every customer is asked to contact our Customer Support Department in case any of aforementioned issues take place. Please, provide our support operators with the number of the order and detailed description of the problem, and we would do everything in our powers to help our customers.

Other Guarantees: the team of www.tobacco-pub.net is eager to provide information or help to every customer or visitor of our shop. Whenever any question or issue appears, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Department, as we operate to satisfy your needs and wishes. We provide 100% guarantee of refunding you money or sending the replacement order in case ordered products were lost, damaged or any other problem occurred. Whether any of specified above difficulties takes place, please, contact us and we would investigate the problem. Please, note that we issue refunds or resend missing products after the completion of internal investigation. The deadline for the investigation to be completed if 30 days from the day of placing the order.

Acceptance: It is supposed that every customer is familiarized with the information specified in the Terms and Conditions section prior to placing the orders.

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