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    • Zimbru
      • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

        minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

      • $14.27


        price per carton


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A smoker who doesn’t speak the Romanian language, won’t understand the meaning of the word “zimbru”. But the name, whatever it can be, still symbolizes something and characterizes the product to which it was given. So the smokers should pay attention not only to cigarette contents but also to its title, which can mean more than you can imagine.

Thus, the word “zimbru” means an “ox”. What are your first associations with the word ox? Certainly, it is something very strong, wild, unrestrained, unpredictable, and free.

“Zimbru Cigarettes – Feel the Real Force”

TUTUN CTC, the biggest tobacco company in Eastern Europe that is also the supplier of cigarettes in former Soviet Union, created a new tobacco product, which is called Zimbru Cigarette. Famous for manufacturing elite grade tobacco and for new technologies application, possesses a lot of awards and occupies one of the leading places on international tobacco markets.

Zimbru cigarettes are a mixture of more than 20 sorts of the selected tobacco that attaches to them a special charm. It has a deep, powerful flavor and bracing aroma.

A strong confident smoker, who considers himself/herself a real fighter at heart, will choose Zimbru fags and won’t regret. This brand will endue with force even the most diffident smoker and will show new horizons.

A reddish-white pack with an ox in the middle became a calling card of Zimbru brand and attracted a great number of smokers.

We offer you a unique opportunity to try these ravishing cigarettes at a reduced price by ordering them in our online tobacco shop. Do not hesitate, and you won’t make mistake.

“Zimbru – be fearless”

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