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    • Wind Flavor
      • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

        minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

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Wind tobacco

Wind cigarettes are the latest creation of I.M. «INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO» SRL a young and dynamical company located in Eastern Europe. The enterprise works in collaboration with German manufacturers producing such cigarettes brand as Ritm, Prefect, Avalon and Focus.

The company uses only high quality equipment brought from Germany and England. The tobacconist carries out constant quality control procedures in order to raise the flavor profile of all tobacco products. All cigs produced by I.M. «INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO» SRL correspond to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) quality standards. The main priority of this prosperous company - to assure product premium flavoring characteristics and do not economize on their quality.

Wind filtered cigarettes are made from premium quality tobacco types imported from several European countries. These fags provide an inimitable fresh and mild taste.

The pack of Wind cigarettes has a simple but modest design it is realized in blue color that reminds a warm and fresh wind. The so pleasant color and gorgeous taste will help you to feel relaxed and conciliated throughout the day. And we are sure that this cigarette brand will be your number one, because the cigarettes have a really nice taste.

Don’t hesitate and try these as light as wind cigarettes and you will be filled up with energy and power.

Our online cigarette store is waiting for your choice, because only our store offers the best price for Wind cigarettes brand. Wind king size cigarettes contain: tar volume -12.0 mg. nicotine volume - 0.8 mg.

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