• Plugarul
    • Plugarul (Non-Filter)
      • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

        minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

      • $15.85


        price per carton


Plugarul tobacco

“Plugarul” derives from the Romanian word, which denotes a person who tills the ground. It symbolizes hard-working Romanian people, who know the meaning of the word ‘work” and who know how to work. Such people are distinguished by their strength.

Plugarul cigarettes also are notable for their nicotine volume, which comprises 1.3 mg with 18mg tar volume. Such cigs are used especially by smokers who like strong impressions from smoking process. These people prefer exclusively fags with original tobacco without any chemical additives; they appreciate everything that is natural and pure. Plugarul brand is this kind of tobacco.

“Plugarul Cigarettes – For Hard-Working Smokers”

Being the novelty of TUTUN CTC, the leading tobacco producer of Eastern Europe and of ex-Soviet Union, which is known for its superior tobacco and the newest technologies in smoking products manufacturing, Plugarul non-filtered cig also is made of special high-grade tobacco, which began to ride high either in home market or in the international tobacco one.

Another advanced feature of Plugarul trademark is its price. The manufacturers of this brand created a type of cigarette that is affordable for any social class. That is why Plugarul discount cigs are notable for their unequalled low price that cannot be compared with any other tobacco price.

Plugarul cheap smoking product design is quiet simple: blue-white cover with the logo “Plugarul” in the center of the pack.

If you are eager to taste the strong inimitable flavor and bracing aroma of this new brand, then you should visit our online tobacco store and place an order of Plugarul smoking item at reduced price. Do not waste your chance to learn the real taste of strong original tobacco.

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