• Plai
    • Plai
      • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

        minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

      • $15.69


        price per carton


Plai tobacco

If you are a true patriot of your country, you are fond of everything that associates with your Motherhood, be it traditions, customs and any other things, then Plai Cigarettes are your right solution.

Plai Cigarette, which means “motherhood”, will totally accentuate your attitude towards your homeland. Any native land has its own unique aroma peculiar to it, which every man, wherever he can be, feels and brings an association with it. This aroma remains forever in his mind; he is not able to forget it and which, as it is said, was imbibed with his mother’s milk. Homeland associates with something very pleasant, warm, and tender, with your first steps, childhood, parents, and friends. So Plai Cig will allow you to feel this aroma again and again. Due to such fags you will go to your favorite places in your imagination and will sense warmness inside of you.

This outstanding smoking product was manufactured by a chief tobacco company from Eastern Europe, TUTUN CTC, which found its acceptance on international tobacco markets due to its premium tobacco which is available for reasonable price in turn.

Plai brand is an original combination of tobacco leaves, a mixture of impressive taste, unbeaten aroma and incredibly low price.

If you feel nostalgia for native places, then you should give your preference to Plai fags. Thanks to the thing they are quite strong cigarettes which possess 1.2 nicotine volume, Plai discount cigarettes will only intensify your feelings and embolden you.

Are you still hesitating and you are tired to choose among a large amount of smoking brands? Then Plai tobacco will be your right choice. You can order it in our online discount shops which are always at your disposal.

“Plai – for patriots”

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