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    • Orbita
      • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

        minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

      • $14.27


        price per carton


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One of the leading tobacco companies in Western Europe in producing high quality tobacco products and, which has a great amount of awards, TUTUN-CTC, introduced to tobacco market a brand that is mysterious just according to its name, Orbita.

The manufacturers of Orbita cigarette created, in some kind, a mysterious type of cig, and not for nothing, they entitled it this way. This name adds a special savor to it in order to specify its uniqueness, uncommonness and mystery. Such cigs, just due to its inimitable name, attract the most curious smokers.

“Orbita – feel the mystery”

Its mysteriousness consists in inconceivably powerful charming flavor that captivates smokers from the first inhalation. Orbita’s smoke endows you with confidence, independence and strength. The premium quality of Orbita cigarettes allows you to realize what means perfection indeed.

As you have never been in space, Orbita brand will enable you to feel the unknown world inside of you. You will start your life afresh owing to the given tobacco.

Orbita cigarettes are with a filter and possess higher nicotine level – 1.3 mg with a tar volume 16.0 mg. Therefore such tobacco is done most probably for men who are ready to experience something stronger.

It doesn’t have any catchy design, blue-and-white pack with the image of a planet. Still it doesn’t mean that this product is not worth to be tasted. Vice versa the accent is put straight to the pack’s contents, which undoubtedly will affect you anyway and you will be entirely satisfied with them.

Another no less important issue is that it is sold at discount price that should make you glad. You are able to place an order and to buy it via our online store.

“Orbita – peep in the secret nook of your soul”

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