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    • Nistru Non-Filter
      • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

        minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

      • $14.95


        price per carton


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The word “Nistru” comes from the Romanian one that stands for “Dniester”- the name of a river in Eastern Europe, which signifies “Swift River”.

Nistru cigarette is a brainchild of TUTUN CTC, the prosperous tobacco corporation famous in Europe and in post-soviet areas for such smoking brands as Doina, Zimbru, Plugarul, Marengo and many others. These smoking products have already made this enterprise reputed enough. And it still keeps on amazing the smoking world by creation of various innovations. Nistru cig is one of them.

“Nistru Cigarettes – Smooth Motion of Your Life”

Being non-filtered discount cigarette, it possesses strong powerful taste and marvelous aroma. Exactly this distinguishing feature, the absence of filter, allows any smoker to perceive the real flavor of premium tobacco. As you know, the best product is that one which is original. Thus, the manufacturers came to Nistru fag invention scrupulously and responsibly. Undoubtedly such smoking brand suits perfectly to men, who prefer strong taste without any additives.

Nistru cut-price cigarettes are intended for genuine smokers, who can drift or go against the stream in their life, who are free as a river, unpredictable like river. Sometimes it is dead calm, another time is rough.

Nistru tobacco design is simple but quite picturesque. The single tall ship which stands in the middle of a river and beautiful nature in the background are depicted in its white pack.

Its low price shows that any smoker, be he rich one or that of middle class, can afford himself to buy these cheap cigarette products. Our online discount tobacco shop is always open for you. If you are ready with your choice, then place an order and soon Nistru cigarettes will be yours.

“Nistru – the river of your wishes”

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