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    • Luceafar
      • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

        minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

      • $11.99

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Have you ever thought about the Romanian traditions, lifestyle, their nature, preferences? It is possible that you even didn’t hear about them. So Luceafar Cigarette will show you the essence of Romanian soul, as the given type of cig is manufactured directly there, where originate all these traditions.

“Luceafar Cigarettes – Discover the Nature of Romanian Soul”

The term “luceafar” has an amazing interpretation. This Romanian word signifies the name of morning star. The Romanian writer, Mihai Eminescu, whose face features are displayed at Luceafar fag pack, in due time wrote a poem named “Luceafarul”, detailing some of the attributes that Romanian lore associated with the morning star. This outstanding poem became a symbol of Romanian folklore and it is considered to be a masterpiece.

The producer of Luceafar tobacco brand, the leading tobacco enterprise in Eastern Europe, TUTUN CTC, tried to put into its smoking product a particle of Romanian soul for the smoker would be able to be imbued with their traditions and customs, to discover something uncommon for him from the first inhalation.

The inconceivable cocktail of 25 premium sorts of tobacco, imported from Africa and Arabian countries, adds to cheap Luceafar cigarette trademark a special uniqueness and specificity. The natural aromatizing ingredients enrich the flavor and taste of this smoking cig. Its unequalled brown filter, created by Filtrone International Ltd, a famous English company in producing cigarette filters, defends your lungs of any toxic poison penetration and your smoking process converts into enjoyment and pleasure.

Luceafar discount tobacco is available in our online cheap smoking product store at moderate price. Do not wait for something better, order it right now.

“Luceafar – Your «Morning Star»”

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