• Leana
    • Leana Non-Filter
      • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

        minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

      • $14.95


        price per carton


Leana cigarettes online

Have you ever heard when high quality and good price would combine together? May be it will seem unbelievable, nevertheless it exists. The living proof to that fact is the smoking product, manufactured by a company which has already acquired a good reputation in tobacco producing sphere, TUTUN CTC, is called Leana Cigarette.

“Leana Cigarettes – the price and quality are all in one”

Leana brand is a combination of different sorts of high-quality imported and local tobacco. As these fags are non-filtered cigarettes you will be able to fell the strong original taste of an excellent tobacco which will capture your soul. Its exciting flavor and befuddling smoke won’t leave you indifferent to these cigs.

Moreover, Leana cigarette will perfectly suit to smokers who are fairly will off, who cannot allow themselves expensive smoking items. Still buying Leana cigarettes, you won’t feel the difference in quality because, as we have already said before, they are made of elite tobacco, having grown overseas. But you will absolutely notice the difference in pride what will strike you.

Leana’s cigarettes design distinguishes from the other brands. It has a quite simple pack design. The manufacturers wanted to capture the attention of smokers who prefer and respect simple things. Thus, they created a pack in a modest style.

If you are ready to give your preference to Leana tobacco, then we are glad to see you in our online tobacco store.

“Leana - for those who are fond of simplicity”

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