• Cosmos
    • Cosmos
      • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

        minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

      • $25.66


        price per carton


Cosmos smokes

Having noticed a cigarette brand Cosmos, have you took thought of the meaning of it? If not, then we will discover you its significance.

The word “Cosmos” derives from the Greek word, which denotes “well-disposed, square, beautiful. The word itself means “universe, space”. Every boy in childhood dreamed to become a spaceman. Due to the biggest joint-stock tobacco company in Eastern Europe, TUTUN CTC, the dream to be a spaceman can partially come true. Prominent for its high-grade tobacco quality and sensational smoking products, TUTUN CTC originated phenomenal cigarette and named it Cosmos. The name speaks for itself. Lighting up a fag, you will feel the mysterious, uninvestigated world inside of you, freedom and featheriness, all the feelings that a real astronaut feels being in space.

“Cosmos Cigarettes – A Spaceman Inside of You”

Cosmos cig is an illustrative representative of strong qualitative smoking products, that one more time proves that it is designed for genuine men, who respect strength, force and confidence.

Cosmos cigarettes brand_ is produced from the best tobacco sorts in conjunction with special additives, which tincture to these fags a fancy flavor and ineffable aroma. Having chosen Cosmos discount cigs, you will forget about problematic and tensive reality and will take a dip into another world, filled up with something unearthly and unlimited.

Its design explicitly expresses the manufacturer’s idea – dark space with a rocket approaching the height.

If we roused your curiosity, then do not wait, address to our online tobacco support center and we will suggest you Cosmos brand at incredibly reduced price.

“Cosmos – Forget About Reality”

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