The Secret Signals of Cigarette Smoking

Published on July 3rd, 2013 00:00
Cigarette Smoking

Regardless of whether a person is in a good or bad mood his condition can be uncovered by the direction in which his cigarette smoke is exhaled, be it up or down. We are supposing here that the cigarette user is not blowing the smoke up-wards in order to stay away from affecting others and that he could have blown the smoke in other direction.

A person who is in a good disposition or self-confident about what he sees or hears will blow the smoke in an upward direction more often than not. In contrast, a person in a pessimistic, deceptive or shady frame of mind will exhale the smoke down in most cases. Moreover blowing down and from the corner of the mouth signifies a much more unfavorable or deceptive disposition.

In movies, the leader of a motorcycle gang is usually shown as a serious, violent man who, as he lights up, tilts his head back forcefully and with controlled accuracy exhales the smoke towards the roof in order to display his superiority to the rest of the gang. As opposed, Humphrey Bogart was often cast as a gangster or serious guy who placed his cigarette upside down in his hand and blew the smoke down from the corner of his mouth as he prepared a jailbreak or some other devious activity.

There also seems to be a sort of connection between how optimistic or bad the person feels and the pace at which he blows the smoke. The quicker the smoke is blown upwards the more positive or self-confident; the faster it is blown down, the more unfavorable he feels.

Investigation of smoking gestures in selling circumstances demonstrates that when smokers are asked to purchase, those who have already made a optimistic decision exhale the smoke upwards, while those who have made the decision not to purchase, blow downwards.

A research of cigarette users completed in the 1980's disclosed that smokers took considerably much longer to come to a decision in a negotiation than non-smokers and that the smoking ritual is carried out usually during the stressed moments of the talks. Smokers, it appears, are able to stop decision-making by redirecting their attention to the smoking process. Thus if you need faster choices from smokers, make a deal in a place that shows a large 'No Smoking' sign.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer.
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