Spread of Convertible Cigarettes

Published on February 3rd, 2016 00:00
Convertible Cigarettes

There are no independent scientific studies or data collections yet on the growth of market shares of menthol capsule cigarettes. Even so, a review can be find mostly on the internet sources of the tobacco industry.

For instance, in the USA, where Camel Crush cigarettes were introduced by R. J. Reynolds in 2008, the brand was initially successfully presented to a test market and right after that, it was already advertised across the country. The share of Camel Crush in the countrywide market had already elevated to about 0.6 % at the start of 2009.  There are  advertising campaigns conducted by BAT, addressed to investors, in which some countries, among them Brazil  and Chile,  are outlined where the  market share of either the brand style with menthol capsules or the brand itself raised substantially after the  new product had been  released. Here, the variety Lucky Strike Click&Roll had been released in 2009.  In both countries, market shares of Lucky Strike increased twofold by the 1Q of 2011. Whilst in Chile, for example, the market share of Lucky Strike constituted 7.5 % at the beginning of 2009; it increased to about 15 % over the next two years. In France, the market share of Click&Roll cigarettes stood at 0.72 % only twelve weeks after they had been presented.

In Moscow, as well, the market share of BAT's brand Kent Convertibles elevated from 0.1 to 0.7 % between September and December 2010.  Identical boosts are revealed for the use of Kent Convertibles in the Netherlands and Switzerland as the market share elevated to 0.65 and 0.79 %, correspondingly, within three months after their launch. For Romania, the market share is explained to have amplified to over 8 % just four weeks after the launch.

For 2009, BAT reports an all-round amount of approximately two billion menthol capsule cigarettes sold; a quantity, which more than doubled to about four billion cigarettes by 2010.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer.
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