Formula 1 Race Won’t Allow Cigarette Ads

Published on June 19th, 2013 00:00

The Jerusalem Municipality announced these days that it would not permit any open or hidden advertising for cigarettes or some other tobacco products by sponsors of the popular racing car contest Formula 1 that is appointed to occur in capital on June 13 and 14.

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The municipality announced about its plans this week, when it was asked about the issue, taking into account that Philip Morris - the biggest cigarette manufacturer in the world - is a main sponsor of Formula 1 races all over the world. Additionally, the Health Ministry stated that it will get in touch with Philip Morris-Israel and “remind them to behave in accordance with the law.” In the course of the Formula 1 race, the ministry’s enforcement branch will direct inspectors to guarantee that the regulation is followed, the ministry spokesman stated.

The race will be organized in the long road bordering the Old City through the Sultan’s Pool, Tower of David, King David Street to the Liberty Bell Park and back to the Old Train Station and the Cinematheque. The contest will depict first class cars, a number of which will be shown at the city’s Old Train Station between June 9-13.

Hundreds of thousands of race fans from Israel and from foreign countries are likely to enjoy the event. As Philip Morris is a key international sponsor of the race, it was worried that signs and advertisements for Marlboro and the company’s other top-selling cigarette brands would show up at the side lines and be photographed around the world. The race has been called “The Peace Road Show. Among the famous cities that have organized the race are New York, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Monaco, Rotterdam and Macau. The road show will show the famous race cars from Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi and many others.

The Philip Morris Company did not comment on the Jerusalem Municipality plans. Also for the first time ever, the health minister will not conduct a press conference declaring about the publication of the yearly smoking review the health minister launches to mark No Smoking Day.

Pnina Shalev, the representative for Health Minister Yael German, mentioned the minister will not carry a press conference, but just send reporters the document. Shalev insisted that German, in her ex - ability as mayor of Herzliya, struggled against smoking strongly. But she stated that “instead of talking, she is involved in undertaking actions.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer.
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