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Published on June 10th, 2014 00:00

According to estimates presented by the World Health Organization (WHO) about 1.1 billion people use tobacco products worldwide. This means that more than 1/6 of the globe’s population is hooked on cigarettes. However cigarette companies proceed to manufacture trillions of cigarettes per year, and smoking rte proceeds to increase in most developing countries of the world.

History of cigarettes

The name of cigarettes has come from Spain in the 18th century. Those people who could not purchase tobacco, smoked end of the discarded cigars. They would just wrap them in newspaper to light up. The habit of rolling tobacco using newspaper has spread all around Europe during the Crimean War. Soldiers in both World Wars got cigarettes as a pert of their daily rations. This helped to raise smoking rate among American and European culture.

Cigarette Composition

Usually a cigarette contains tobacco, paper and a cellulose acetate based filter. The tobacco used in cigarette brands, possesses more than one hundred of substances and diverse flavorings. The present innovative cigarette paper permits ventilation for a more controlled burn. The mouthpiece and filter of a cigarette keep the tobacco away from saliva and protect lungs from tobacco smoke. Each cigarette filter has many rows of air holes. Cigarettes before the 1950s were sold without filter. Already after 1950 cigarettes came in a great range, differing in tobacco blends, strength and size.

Nowadays smokers have a diverse selection of cigarettes to choose. A lot of countries have their own tobaccos and unique manufacturing technologies. The giant tobacco manufacturers produce the best-selling cigarette brands as: Marlboro, Winston, Camel, Pall Mall, Kent, Viceroy and many others.

About Risks

It is namely the nicotine that causes the main addiction, however there are other substances that are considered hazardous for our health. The toxic chemicals contained in the smoker are the main reasons various diseases. That is why it is advised to smoke filtered cigarettes as they protect smokers from the smoke and make the smoking process easier.

Some Facts

At present a lot of countries struggle the consumption of tobacco products using graphic health warning labels and smoking bans. According to statistics, only in U.S. about 390 billion cigarettes are smoked annually.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer.
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