Who Smokes Most: A Surprising Revelation of Tobacco Industry

Published on February 6th, 2013 00:00
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At present the rate of smokers is higher than at any time, in spite of graphic health warnings and the increasing price of tobacco products. For instance, in 1980, 4,453 billion cigarettes went up in smoke, which boosted to about 6,319 billion in 2010. Already in 2020, we can count on approximately seven billion cigarette ends littering all over the world.

The leading position in terms of nicotine dependency is Asia and Australia, where 57% of cigarettes are smoked these days.

These worrying figures are among the majority of the challenging details revealed in the ninth edition of Dan Smith's The State of the World Atlas. Somewhere else, the book states that 19 % of Americans claim that they could not take care of their families in 2011, in spite of living in one of the world's wealthiest countries. At the same time, 20 % of India's population is still undernourished, regardless of its Gross National Income increasing by 450 % since 1990.

An even more surprising revelation is that 2.5 billion people live on as few as £1.25 per day, which consists of one in three of the world population. Other experts state that nobody smokes as much as Eastern Europe, where average yearly use can surpass more than 2,000 cigarettes per person. The largest rate was registered in Serbia (about 2,861 cigarettes per person), based on findings from 71 countries collected by the World Lung Foundation and American Cancer Society. Fourth-place is led by Russia, not far behind at 2,786 cigarettes per person early, is currently coping with its smoking problem.

Suggested new rules in Russia - made after laws in Western countries that agreed with a decrease in smoking rates - would reduce cigarette advertising and public tobacco use in Russia, and more than double excise taxes on smoking products. A Wall Street Journal story on the Kremlin’s campaign specifies Russia’s cigarette problem, which costs 400,000 lives and $48.1 billion each year.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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