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Published on February 22nd, 2013 00:00

Rothmans cigarettes are regarded by cigarette world as one of the most gorgeous brands. Great range of tobacco blends can please the requirement of the most captious smoker. Apart from the unique tastes and flavors, Rothmans are produced in accordance with the exclusive systems. The tobacco is heated by the stem of water with honey and other ingredients, which make the weight of every cigarette slightly bigger, but which offer the enjoyable and sophisticated taste of each Rothmans variety, regardless of the strength.

This brand was launched in 1890 and swiftly obtained an enormous popularity. Rothmans cigarettes were originally produced in England, but at present the producer of the brand has been moved to Canada. From the first year of their launch Rothmans cigarettes gained the choices of impressive amount of cigarette lovers locally and across the world. In contrast to numerous old brands, Rothmans is still very famous, it is thought to be to be one of the respectable forms of cigarettes, as for instance Sobranie, Davidoff and others.

Rothmans cigarettes currently have a big fan base due to their soothing taste and a distinctive blend of tobacco. Best-known for possessing a soft flavor and an outstanding taste, these high-end cigarettes are always at the top. These cigarettes hold an impressive heritage, and are famous all over the world for allowing amazing smoking experience.

Rothmans cigarettes possess a well balanced toughness with a delightful roasted flavor, ideal for any time or place. The flavor is enjoyable without being overly overwhelming. The standard of quality in this smoking product is noticeable even from a slight sight of the package. A solid package with the regal Rothman symbol splendidly shown on the front side, from the moment you take out one of these exquisite filtered cigarettes, you're guaranteed to create a stir. For an outstanding flavor that's hard to find, choose Rothmans cigarettes.

Rothmans cigarettes are produced in different varieties, the best-selling of which are Rothmans Blue, Rothmans Silver and the slim version - Rothmans Superslims Blue and Rothmans Superslims Silver. Rothmans cigarette brand is an international branded smoking product, remarkable for astounding satisfying tobacco flavor and stylish cigarette package.

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