Turkey's Smoking Ban

Published on November 16th, 2010 13:20

A recent survey conducted in various cities throughout Turkey has shoed that the majority of people are against the current ban on smoking in public places. The given survey was lead in 12 cities by a research company Ipsos KMG, which asked the opinion of more than 1,500 people aged 18 and older. Both smokers and nonsmokers participated in this survey thus representing the Turkish population.

The results of this survey have proved that 7 out of 10 people think that smoking in public places is something normal where the threat of passive smoking doesn’t exist.

About 79% of smokers agree that smoking should be permitted in public places, while 64% of non-smokers are also in favor of this idea. 78% of surveyed suppose that people should have the right to decide to go to a special created smoking area or non-smoking area. The number of non-smokers who stated that this was right constituted 74 %, while among smokers in was 89%.

Turkey Smoking Ban

Ipsos KMG led a second survey with the owners of bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs in order to analyze the effects of the ban. This survey was already conducted in Ankara, Adana, Istanbul and Bursa, which reflect 60% of Turkey’s cigarette use and 30 % of Turkey’s business. These times were surveyed 446 businesses and interviewed owners and managers.

After the smoking ban was implemented, 75 % of businessmen stated that their total profit had decreased, while 90 % of café owners stated they had been negatively affected. About 62% of the surveyed businesses declared they had been forced to dismiss people due to their lowered profit.

The research also found out that 83 % of the surveyed businesses had been forced to reduce the costs. About 90% of teahouses stated that they also were forced to lower their prices after the smoking ban was implemented.

76% of businessmen declared that they could create special non-smoking areas in their cafes and teahouses, if the law permitted them to do so. According to the poll, 91% of business owners are in favor of the idea that people should have their right to decide whether to go to a specially created smoking or to a non- smoking area. Even 88 % of owners who don’t smoke support this idea.

As opposed to Ipsos KMG’s survey, 70% of teahouse owners declared to Marmara University pollsters that they supported the smoking ban, 256 owners stated they were quite content with this ban.

A ban prohibiting smoking in all enclosed public places, including cafes, restaurants and bars was adopted in Turkey on July 19, 2009. The given law also banned the sale of tobacco products near educational and health institutions.

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