Smoking Product Aims to Win Assistance

Published on September 30th, 2009 12:10
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Tobacco addiction is a chronic disorder that usually requires repeated interference. That’s why a suggestion to license tobacco retailers and turn cigarette packs into plain packages bearing only health warnings has found strong support.

For to decrease the widespread of tobacco use researchers launched five suggestions:

  • Creating a Smoke free Commission that could demand licensing of retailers, ban sales near schools, take over wholesaling, and end the bright branding of tobacco and cigarette packets, turning them into generic, plainly packaged products displaying only health warnings.
  • A weaker form of the order, with licensing, but keeping existing links between suppliers and retailers.
  • Gradually lowering tobacco import quotas, which would probably force prices up.
  • Changing the law to make it easier to plead tobacco firms successfully.
  • Making the Tobacco Industry liable for reducing smoking, with rigid penalties if it wanted to meet targets.

About a fifth of adults smoke, and the highest influence is among those aged 18 to 34 years old, reported researchers. One of the researchers, Professor Richard Edwards, of Otago University at Wellington, said that New Zealand needed to seek a virtually tobacco-free future in which children were hardly exposed to tobacco and were unlikely to start smoking.

The proposal for the strong version of the commission was put before public focus groups which included smokers and non-smokers. “Among the public, there was very strong support, stronger than the policy-makers, even among the smokers. There’s very little support for tobacco or the industry among smokers. In some of these issues, the public are ahead of the policy-makers,” Professor Edwards said.

But participants had said that for such principle proposals to be accepted, the way tobacco was described had to modify. Professor Edwards explained that tobacco should be viewed as a uniquely dangerous product, a poison that’s addictive. Tobacco had been deceptively compared to other health risks such as street use.

“One in two long-term smokers will be killed prematurely by smoking, but one in two people will not die crossing the road,” Professor Edwards concluded.

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