Smoking and Coffee- Why Do they Come Together?

Published on August 6th, 2013 00:00
coffee and cigarettes

Smoking is often associated with coffee, or certainly they were in the past 1950's and 60's. The picture of the coffee drinking, cigarette smoking intellectual at a restaurant, reading a book and staying unaware to passerby is not one that is new to anybody. Cigarettes and coffee have frequently gone together in traditional wisdom, but no one truly realizes why. It generally refers to the addicting properties of both nicotine and caffeine, and it is typically believed that coffee drinkers are more inclined to the hard to kick effects of nicotine. If you remember all those classic black and white movies featuring stylish movie stars, they were usually depicted having secret meetings in dark corners of coffee stores, often holding a piping cup of coffee with a lit cigarette in their hands.

With cigarette use in public being banned these days, and also being prohibited in the majority of coffee shops, are smokers still receiving their caffeine strike in public with a lit cigarette? Or do they prefer to indulge in their favorite cigarette and a cup of coffee at home in private?

The association between coffee-drinking and smoking has been linked to numerous causes, which range from the influence of warm coffee on the throat, presumably opening up pores that assure a more enjoyable smoking experience when done right away after or while drinking a cup of coffee. One more reason people link the two is mainly because the smell of nice roasted coffee and cigarette smoke is claimed to be practically identical.

There were a lot of scientific studies carried out on this assumed link. In spite of this, the correlation appears to be more grounded in psychological aspects than any real substance relationship between nicotine and caffeine. The truth that they are both addicting substances undoubtedly leads to their high usage rate jointly, however while this may feed off habit to either of the chemicals, it has not precisely pointed out anything other than a connection with the two that is mostly cultural.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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