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Published on March 9th, 2012 00:00

R.J. Reynolds’ domestic tobacco volumes for the whole year to the end of December, at 69.9 billion, were 5.7% lower on those of the 12 months to the end of December 2010. Except private label brands, shipment volumes decreased by 4.8% to 69.6% billion.

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The shipment of Reynolds’ key brands as Pall Mall increased by 7.8% to 19.7 billion, at the same time Camel brand volumes dropped by 1.6% to 21.2 billion. The full brand volumes raised by 2.8% to 39.4 billion. While presenting its whole year result, Reynolds American for the first time, underlined Santa Fe volumes. Santa Fe’s Natural American Spirit shares within the 12 months were higher by 12.9% in comparison to those of the 2010 year. At the same time, RAI’s American Snuff volumes were up by 6.8%.

Grizzly volumes increased by 9.3% to 345.4 million cans, Kodiak volumes dropped 3.6% to 43.6 million cans, and the rest brand volumes decreased by 28.2% to 3.1 million cans. Reynolds’ net sales for the full year, at $7,498 million, dropped by 0.1% in comparison to those of the 2010, while net sales for the three months grew by 01.%. Full year presented net incomes raised by 24.8% to $1,398 million, and 15.6% to $285 million respectively. And adjusted net profit boosted by 6.9% to $1,587 million and by 12.5% to $370 million respectively. Presented net profits per diluted share climbed by 24.9%, while adjusted net profit per diluted share raised by 6.3% to $2.67.

Talking over the RAI’s results, president and CEO, Daniel M. Delen, declared that the company has closed the year with positive results despite the challenging economic situation. “I am happy to present that RAI proceed to make progress in the 4Q, growing profits and margins while further showing our commitment to return code value to shareholders with the start of the $2.5 billion share buy back program. The company also raised its dividend once again in the quarter, bringing the whole dividend growth for 2011 to 13.9%,” he added.

Commenting on the future of its company, Delen stated that they plan to uphold its operating key brand momentum, fund any possible innovations and take advantage of competitive the opportunities.”Also, we hope that it is quite reasonable to reexamine main activities in order to guarantee that they correspond to present days’ economic and competitive landscape,” Mr. Delen said.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.

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