Reduced prices for ESSE Super Slims Cigarettes Brand

Published on November 2nd, 2011 00:00

As team is doing their best to delight our customers with outstanding brands and great offers, we are launching a hot new offer for all smokers who are loyal to slim cigarette brands.

From November 1’st till December 31’th, our customers will pay 50% less for every carton of Esse Super Slims brand, which has bee recently named the world’s best-selling slim cigarette brand, according to its manufacturer, KT&G

Esse is the flagship brand for KT&G, the leading tobacconist across South Korea. The company recently declared the worldwide sales of ESSE brands reached 42.2 billion cigarettes in 2010, growing by 44.5% from the previous year, when sales totaled 29.2 billion cigarettes.

The Seoul-based cigarette manufacturer also reported double digit growth in ESSE cigarettes exportations, with abroad sale volumes reaching 20.8 billion, going up from 11.2 billion reported in 2009, what helped ESSE cigarette brand outdistance competitive brands, such as British American Tobacco flagship Vogue cigarettes brand and Philip Morris iconic Virginia Slims brand.

According to the data provided by Euromonitor International, a UK-based consulting group, KT&G total shipment volume of ESSE Super Slims reached 29.2 billion cigarettes in 2009, whereas PMI reported sales volume of 17 billion Virginia Slim cigs and BAT confirmed sales of 11 billion Vogue cigarettes.

“Since the brand introduction in 1996, we have been focusing on ESSE Super Slims as our worldwide flagship tobacco product. This premium cigarette brand is currently presented in nearly 40 markets throughout the world including Eastern Europe countries, Middle East region and Russia,” confirmed Huh Up, director of global business development at KT&G.

According to the tobacco giant, ESSE is currently the leading brand in super slim category of cigarette market in many countries, including Iran, and Uzbekistan. In other markets, such as Russia and Turkey ESSE is showing constant and significant growth in the super-slim segment market share.

KT&G spokesman said that the company plans opening new manufacturing units in Western Europe, and enter the U.S tobacco market, as currently ESSE cigarettes are available in these markets only in duty-free stores in airports and in online cigarette stores.

Currently ESSE Super Slims are available in the following styles: ESSE Super Slims, ESSE Super Slims Blue, ESSE Super Slims Menthol, ESSE Super Slims Field and ESSE Super Slims Special Gold, varying in nicotine amounts and flavor, but the company is currently developing new version of these exclusive cigarettes in order to live up to the growing expectations of adult smokers, who have become loyal to this innovative tobacco product.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved.

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