Popular Singer Kid Rock Lighted Up in a Non-Smoking Venue

Published on January 25th, 2012 00:00
Kid Rock

Popular singer Kid Rock smoked at a concert he had last week, and he didn’t present himself in the most favorable light. A few days ago Kid Rock came at the concert for country music singer Travis Tritt’s that took place at the Andiamo Celebrity Showroom in Warren, and upset people when they saw how he smoked a cigarette 15 minutes after he arrived, according to David Snell, who was among those people.

Rock enraged people who were supposed to have a non-smoking environment in the 1,000 seat showroom. At least one manager asked him to stop smoking, and some people even left the concert, Snell stated. Snell, a trained nurse from Trenton, decided to make a complaint with the health department. “I think that it is an infringement of a state law, people paid a significant sum of money to come to a nonsmoking establishment, but they had to seat in a totally opposed venue. The singer was allowed some privileges ignoring the law,” stated Snell.

In 2010 Michigan government passed a law that prohibits smoking in restaurants, bars and other public enterprises. Hookah and cigar bars, casinos and other cigarette shops were exempted. Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, stated that the concert was awful and he is very sorry fir such a behavior. “It is well-known that I receive special treatment. I did many things for it and without it my life would be a number of nonstop cellphone pictures,” Rock said. He also added that he shouldn’t have consumed all those drinks that people were purchasing him, and didn’t want to be impolite by refusing the drinks and wasting alcohol. “I don’t think that I am the first one to ever make a wrong decision while being intoxicated. I want to address my apologies to the owners of that venue I may have insulted, and good luck to all those haters who will try to find easy pickings in the whole situation,” Rock said.

At the same time, Joe Vicari, owner of the Warren Andiamo, stated that he wasn’t that day at the restaurant and hadn’t heard about cigarettes. “Probably it was some guy who does no like Kid Rock. A lot of people suffer from various respiratory diseases and it is not right for them be exposed to this. I suffer from asthma, and it was really unpleasant to seat in that venue,” Snell said.

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