Play Bowling without Inhaling Cigarettes Smoke

Published on March 22nd, 2010 14:52

As a lot studies found that smokers smoke more cigarettes after a glass of alcohol. However a recent study showed that many people from Virginia considered that smoking, alcohol and bowling are linked together.

In an unusual way, it looked to make sense. For example bowlers are sure that if they went bowling they would discover a hazy bowling center. And if you bowled all the night, even though you smoked or not, you would bring the smell of tobacco smoke at home with you.

Smokers Play Bowling

Fortunately for non-smokers of course, all of that cigarettes smell ended on December 1st, when a smoke-free law took effect in Virginia by prohibiting smoking in bars and restaurants, including even bowling centers. The new anti-smoking legislation allowed only beer without cigarettes.

That’s why all bowlers who smoke must now puff their cigarettes outside no matter what the weather is. However Virginians especially smokers didn’t understand why Virginia banned smoking in public places, including even bowling places.

The new smoking ban was approved in March 2009 after a lot of failed attempts. For years, movements of such an unpleasant legislation for smokers seemed to be improbable, because Virginia is consider the main home of a large amount of cigarette companies and tobacco firms.

Virginia is a state with a rich history with the tobacco harvest. However Virginia was the first state in the South which banned smoking cigarettes in restaurants and even bars.

The new legislation didn’t come without terrible resistance from lawmakers from rural, tobacco-growing areas in the state and most traditional members of the General Assembly, who purposed to what they said, was an attack on personal freedom.

Sen. Ralph Notham, a pediatric neurosurgeon, said: “It’s just a large step in the right course for the health of Virginians.” In Virginia, public emotions in recent years have changed rapidly in favor of such a ban.

Researchers found that even most smokers believed that smoking restrictions in public places have a positive effect. But smokers are more unpleasant because smoking was banned in bowling centers too. For example there are five bowling centers that serve Prince William County: Bowl America Woodbridge, Manassas & Bull Run and AMF Centreville and Dale City. If these are bowling avenues, not bars or restaurants, why do they have to ban smoking there? According the legislation, if the public places prepare and serves food, then the law should be applied. And as a result all bowling centers serve food.

Non-smokers consider that thanks to new legislation everyone can breathe little easier at all bowling centers.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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