The New Tobacco Policy May Shove Smokers

Published on September 22nd, 2009 11:21
Tobacco Policy

The Word Health Organization proposed a new smoking policy on campus and, if put into effect, will demand students and faculty who smoke to do so in one of the 23 designated areas placed throughout campus.

The design of the new policy set out the following: “To lessen well-established health risks bound with exposure to secondhand smoke, the California State University Board of Trustees confided authority to campus presidents to adopt rules controlling smoking on campuses. California State University Fullerton forbids smoking in all areas except for special outdoor designated smoking locations.”

The new legislation would ban smoking in all outdoor areas unless parking lots or other especially designated smoking areas. The current smoking policy, which is necessary by state law at all California State University establishments, prohibits smoking within 20 feet of any building possessed by a CSU. Smoking is allowed all over else outside except otherwise posted.

Tom Whitfield, director of the Environmental Health and Instructional Safety, said: “The problem with this policy is that since the rules are self-regulated and there is no serious compulsion mechanism, it is hard for these rules to be regulated, and students often don’t follow them.” Often students can be seen smoking on balconies and in other areas that are evident within a 20-foot radius of a building.

“Many smokers tend to not keep that distance from the buildings. There needs to be a way to keep that distance from high-traffic areas, so people would not walk through a cloud of smoke,” added Mr. Whitfield. He hopes that the new legislation will have a more positive impact especially on campus. And it maybe will provide a secure environment for students and faculty by lower exposure to second-hand smoke.

Associate Director of Safety Programs and Services Scott Bourdon, who helped design the proposal, also said that the proposed 23 designated areas will be placed where it is easy for people to avoid second-hand smoke, and that at some point a form of identification or signage will be placed so smokers will be conscious of where they can smoke.

Both Whitfield and Bourdon see the policy as a positive thing, and many students agree with the change. For example Kaitlin Nguyen, a 25 year old marketing major, said: “I think it would be great.”

However some students weren’t too happy about the idea of introducing a new smoking legislation on campus. “It doesn’t seem fair to be herded into a small area to smoke,” said Adam Lopez, a 19 year old math major. There is no fix date of when the policy will be put into effect, but Whitfield said that it depends on the approval of various entities on campus.

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