Camel No.9 is coming for female smokers

Published on September 17th, 2009 07:05
Camel for women

In order to defend its shares and capture more consumers, RJ Reynolds is launching a new extension of the company’s major brand Camel for women.

The Reynolds marketing department decided to avoid using the same package for their latest variety and created a unique image of brand’s mascot Joe the Camel in the center of black-and-fuchsia stylish pack, framed with beautiful vivid flowers in the posters. The slogan “Light and luscious” also suggests that the new Camels intended at fashionable, self-confident and gorgeous women.

Since its introduction almost a century ago, Camel was always more focused on male smokers, and women made up only 25 percent of all Camel buyers. In comparison, female smokers comprise 40 and 50 percent of consumers of Camel’s principal rivals Marlboro and Newport.

According to statistics, women form almost 50 percent of all adult smokers across America, so lack of special Camel version for women, dramatically restricted the growth of market share for RJ Reynolds.

Wall Street experts favored the innovative marketing strategy, which included the change of design of packs, introduction of several extensions of key brands and launch of the latest variety Camel No.9, as a successful attempt to refocus smokers’ attention to the major brands Camel, Kool and Winston.

Of course, the introduction of Camel No 9 was heavily criticized by health advocates, who declared that tobacco industry lures women into smoking by launching feminine cigarettes in stylish packs.

The health groups point out to the 1920s when RJ Reynolds became the first company to promote cigarettes among women with the slogan “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet” during the advertising campaign for Lucky Strike brand.

Among a wide range of brands produced by RJ Reynolds, there are two minor domestic brands aimed at female smokers - Capri and Misty, but their market share is diminutive. The most famous US cigarette brand for “women-only” is legendary Virginia Slims by Philip Morris USA, the major rival of Reynolds. In addition, there is also a minor tobacco company Vector Group, which makes Eve also popular among women.

Survey carried out last year showed that women in majority don’t purchase Camel cigarettes since there were no products for them offered by the brand, said Brian Stabbings, head of marketing department at Reynolds.

So, the company decided to provide the smokers with a choice to select the variety that suits their requirements in the best possible way. Stabbings said that new extensions would be more attractive to adult smokers than those that are already selling.

However, there is one more reason why Reynolds focused on introduction of extension to major brands instead of creation of new ones – the restrictions placed by the FDA on marketing and launching new products, what makes the process of introduction of a new brand a very complicated process.

Among other newcomers to Camel brand family are as well Camel Wides, Camel 99s and Camel Turkish Gold.

Camel No. 9 is selling in full-flavor and menthol flavors.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 TobaccoPub. All rights reserved.

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