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Published on October 17th, 2012 00:00

Tobacco sorts has been a very important part of American culture since its discovery. At present there are about 60 sorts of tobacco. There are a few major tobacco sorts that are used in the creation of different tobacco blends. The most popular is Virginia tobacco that constitutes nearly 2/3 of the international tobacco production. It is a flue-cured tobacco, used in production of cigarettes and pipe blends. Burley is also a light tobacco; however as opposed to Virginia it is air-cured.


This tobacco sort can be mostly found in Italy, Poland, USA and Tanzania. It possesses a dark-brown color and has a tangy taste. Unlike Burley it has a higher amount of nicotine, thus assuring a strong tobacco taste. Kentucky tobacco gives to a tobacco mixture a unique flavor and additional strength.

Burley is a rather young tobacco sort that has a mild and a bit chocolate taste, due to these characteristics it is often used in diverse flavoring mixtures. Burley is grown in Kentucky and Ohio. It is characterized by a low amount of sugar and high nicotine content, which last longer. Burly is mostly preferred by pipe aficionados as it greatly absorbs various flavors and never gives a bitter taste.

Virginia is the most popular tobacco, occupying the first place in this field. About 70% of all tobacco produced in the world is Virginia. At present this tobacco sort is grown not only in Virginia State but also in other regions of USA, Africa and Europe. Virginia tobacco has an increased content of sugar and most often is used as a principal component in different blends. One more advantage of this tobacco is that it can be easily smoked in its initial form. Smoker lovers like its sweet flavor that leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Turkish tobaccos
These tobacco sorts are mainly cultivated in Greece. Unlike the above mentioned tobacco sort, these one are not used in pipe tobaccos due to various reasons, and are just used to produce exotic tobacco blends.

And the last tobacco sort in our list is Oriental, which is grown in Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Israel, Greece and many other countries and also constitutes 15% of the whole tobacco production. Oriental tobacco allows a mild and soft taste with a very subtle flavor. Nicotine content is very low, approximately 1.0%, which makes the smoking process pleasant and fresh.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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