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Published on July 25th, 2014 00:00
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Asia, with around 60 %, is the leading tobacco production place followed by China with only 36 %. The shares of India, South America, and generally Africa have not stopped rising. The share of Europe has declined and that of the US persisted at the same level.

Cigarette makers generally use local tobaccos; even so, approximately 30 % of world tobacco production is traded globally. There are several factors. First of all, some major tobacco growing countries such as Malawi, Zimbabwe and Tanzania generate a very modest quantity of tobacco products of their own. Secondly, particular well known cigarette and cigar producing countries do not grow tobacco domestically. The Netherlands one of the world’s leading cigarette and cigar exporters is among them. The rest like Japan, Germany or Russia do not produce enough to meet the requirement.  And the last factor is that the greater part of cigarettes sold today are blended cigarettes that mean they contain a blend of diverse tobaccos. Just several countries grow all of these tobaccos.

The absolute majority of cigarettes are currently consumed and produced in Asia. This is not a surprise when taking into account the region’s significant population. Inside Asia, only China constitutes 30 % of world total.

In China, local need for cigarettes is mostly satisfied by domestic production. Authorized figures disclose that the country practically doesn't trade. Exports and imports make up less than 2 % of the national need or output. India currently is at the same level.

In several other countries, regional need is basically achieved by local production and in addition to that, they are major exporters. The United States can be listed as a great example, it imports a small number of cigarettes, yet the export constitutes 1/3 of its entire production. USA is the world’s key exporter, holding over 20 % of globe exports. Exports became more important for US manufacturers in the 1980s when community demand started its long decline.

The last group consists of countries that rely greatly on imports in order to fulfill the domestic demand, among them are  Russia, Japan and some countries from the Middle East which do not have own production.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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