Little Cigars vs. Cigarettes

Published on September 3rd, 2013 00:00

Non-smokers frequently confuse a little cigar with cigarettes.  A little cigar, also called as a cigarillo, has practically the same size as a regular cigarette.  The noticeable distinction between the two is the color. A cigarillo possesses a brown color and a cigarette white. The tobacco in a cigarette is twisted with white paper while the tobacco in a little cigar is generally wrapped in a tobacco leaf or special brown tobacco-based material. Despite the fact that these smoking products look quite the same besides color, they are in fact two distinct products completely.  Little cigars are natural, while cigarettes are not so much.

The key compound of each product is cut-leaf tobacco.  Even so, there is one thing the majority of little cigars provide that cigarettes do not, and namely 100% genuine tobacco. With cigarettes, only if other is stipulated on the package, you are smoking tobacco along with hundreds of ingredients.  More than likely, you have heard of the widely used toxins in the cigarette components before.

Even when you purchase cigarettes that possess tobacco without any chemicals, they still emit the scent of a cigarette infused with unnatural chemicals. So, why doesn't it smell like a cigar?  Basically, because it's still covered in firm white paper.  What the package doesn't let you know is that the paper is made up of artificial additives.  And this highly processed paper is what deprives the cigarette of the smell cigar smokers adore.

What many people don't understand is that some small cigars include exactly the same elements of a cigarette - a filter and packed tobacco.  The most popular little cigarettes at online cigarette stores are Cafe Creme, Colts and Captain Black. They are well-known thanks to a sweetened filter tip and tasty fruit additives.  Cigarillos without filters are usually a little bigger.  They are also known as 7-minute cigars in Europe.

While smoking a cigarette, you get an enjoyment.  Taste is generally lost. A cigarillo will allow you get a buzz and at the same time a gentle tobacco taste. If you close your eyes and inhale a small cigar, you are going to understand that it is a little cigar; it can't be confused with the cigarette. The flavor is much saturated and more pure.  Simply because you are smoking a natural tobacco product.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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