Liquid Cigarettes New Product for Smokers

Published on March 9th, 2010 09:29

Because of smoking bans, tobacco manufactures and even smokers became displeased. So, after a lot of noises about the smoking prohibition and its protests, there decisively appeared a solution of this problem, if you cannot ban it, just replace it with another product.

That’s why cigarettes manufacturer decided to make a drink that contain the same nicotine volume as cigarettes. “We’ve got a product that has the equal effects as nicotine, but which you can drink in restaurants and on flights,” the Independent quoted Martin Hartman, of the United Drink and Beauty Corporation said.

liquid cigarettes

Anti-smoking researchers declared that liquid smoking has been criticized by as it may encourage smoking.

The manufacturer call this liquid smoking drink as a new drink that could help smokers beat the smoking ban. This is why anti-smoking groups became more anger and said that it only glamorize smoking and encourage more people to start smoking. “There’s a danger that children and young people could think it is cool. There’s a danger because it could be a gateway to smoking,” said Amanda Sandford, research manager of anti-smoking charity ASH.

For example this soft drink, containing 15 percent nicotine, will propose smokers an alternative to shivering outside bars and restaurants. Even the bottles of Liquid Smoking look alike to red and white cigarette packs.

The drink manufactured by Dutch firm United Drinks and Beauty Corporation contains also herbal extract that is said to provide a slight energizing result, accompanied by a euphoric feeling of calm.

It also added that will be no lower age limit to buy it, although the makers said they did not think it should be drunk by anyone under 15. This drink hopefully should be able to solve some of the problems caused by the smoking danger or help those trying to kick the smoking.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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