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Published on November 27th, 2012 00:00

Nowadays there are not so many cigarette manufacturers, which produce qualitative cigarettes. However, one of such companies is British American Tobacco, the giant tobacco company that creates a great number of cigarette brands that are considered the best in the whole world. One of BAT’s masterpieces is Kent cigarette brand.

Kent is a famous cigarette brand introduced in 1957. These smokes are so popular among many smoke lovers, as discount Kent cigarettes are really amazing. They do not just possess a pleasant flavor but are also considered cigarettes of the highest quality. Kent cigarettes can be justly considered a pioneer in the cigarette industry, as they were the first smoke to posses a filter. At the beginning the cigarette filters were was produced from asbestos, but at present only charcoal filters are contained in cigarettes.

Kent cigarettes were also distinguished by their special carton, being sold in a soft package. This was the main distinctive feature of this brand, differentiating them from others.

The diverse Kent Nanotek cigarette range distinguishes among others by their elegant design, flawless taste and original flavor. Initially Kent cigarettes were considered to be quite expensive, as they were equated with premium class cigarettes. When British American Tobacco introduced Kent cigarettes they quickly became popular on the USA cigarette market, beating even the most top-selling brands with a long history.

Kent cigarettes were produced in a great range, starting from original till that of menthol. Nowadays, thanks to rebranding and new innovative ideas, Kent cigarette brand has changed significantly and is available in a wide assortment.

Every cigarette love will find its best Kent variety, even the first time smokers will find the great Kent HD Infinia (White1), which possesses only 1 mg of tar and 0.1 mg, of nicotine. The aficionados of more strong cigarettes can choose Kent HD Futura (Futura 8).

And probably company’s new addition to Kent family- Kent Convertibles is worth to be tried by many smokers. Just by a slight click your cigarette will change its taste from a regular one to menthol, due to a capsule incorporated in the filter. If you want to try this cigarette brand and to enjoy their true taste and premium quality, then you can order Kent cigarettes at one of the reliable cigarette stores. Choosing this easy and advantageous way to get Kent cigarettes, will save not only your time but also a great sum of money.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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