Japan Tobacco International 2010 Profit Report

Published on February 28th, 2011 10:33


  • Entire Year earnings before-tax increased by 10.6 percent. At permanent exchange rate earnings before-tax grew by 7.7 percent, surpassing the company’s forecasted growth of 6.2 percent.
  • Japan Tobacco International’s market share grew in the almost all major markets, including the CIS countries, Italy, Taiwan and Turkey.
  • The combined shipment volume of global flagship brands was up by 6.2 percent during the three months to December 31st, 2010 versus the same period of the previous year, whereas the total volume of shipments was nearly unchanged. The growth resulted from strong performance of flagship brands in Russian Federation, Turkey, Italy and Taiwan.
  • After-tax Net sales grew by 2.5 percent in the quarter to Dec. 31st at permanent exchange rates, whereas on a reported base sales were down by 0.9 percentage points.
Japan Tobacco International

Shipment Volume by Region:

  • East Europe and CIS region: Shipments of Flagship brands grew by 4.2 percents during the three months to Dec 31st (0.3 percent during full year of 2010) caused by strong performance in Kazakhstan and Russia. Whereas market fluctuation decreased in the quarter, total shipment volume dropped 5.1 percent in October – December, with market contraction in Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Market share grew in Russia and Ukraine.
  • West and South Europe region: Total volume of shipments increased by 2.4 percent in the fourth quarter but decreased by 2.0 percent during the 2010 full year. Shipments of Global Flagship Brands as well went up by 3.0 percent in the quarter, but dropped 0.8 percentage points in January – December 2010 in comparison to the same period in 2009. The growth reported during the quarter was caused by the growth in Italy and France. Market share grew as well in the majority of key markets across the region.
  • Central and North Europe region: Total volume of shipments was up by 2.5 percent during the fourth quarter (3.1 percent growth in the full year). Market share went up in Sweden and Poland.
  • Rest-of-the-World region: Total volume of shipments was up by 6.3 percent in the last quarter of 2010 (4.0 percent growth in the full year) resulting from the increase in Taiwan and Turkey. Global Flagship Brands volume grew by 11.6 percent in the quarter (and up by 7.3 percent in January – December 2010). Market share grew in Korea, Turkey and Taiwan.

Global Flagship Brands:

  • Winston: volume of shipments grew by 7.2 percent in the quarter to December 31st and 3.1 percent for the full year, resulting from growth in Russia, where Winston is the best-selling cigarette brand in the market, Turkey and Italy.
  • Mild Seven: volume of shipment went up by 11.0 percent in the quarter to Dec 31st and 5.8 percent for the full year, driven by solid performance in Korea and Taiwan.
  • Camel: volume of shipment grew by 3.1 percent in the quarter to December 31st and 1.4 percent for the full year. Strong performance in France and Turkey partly offset decline in Italy.
  • LD: volume of shipment went up by 7.0 percent in the quarter to December 31st and 6.1 percent for the full year, with the growth in Kazakhstan, Poland and Russia.

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