Innovative Menthol Camels to be Launched Soon

Published on February 22nd, 2010 11:20

During the 4Q 2009 Results Conference, Reynolds American CEO Susan Ivey admitted they anticipate a further success from their revolutionary menthol capsules, initially introduced in Camel Crush, which will be launched in two Camel’s major styles in March. In addition, RAI will change packages to more brightly colored ones.


Beginning from March 1, 2010, Reynolds American cigarette-making subdivision RJ Reynolds will launch two new styles of legendary Camel brand: line extensions containing capsule with menthol that can be squeezed any time a smoker wants to have an additional boost menthol flavor.

Camel’s Senior Marketing director Brian Stebbins said that the latest extensions replaced ordinary Camel Menthol and evolved from the outstanding performance of Camel Crush that hit the market less then 2 years ago, and has been hugely successful since then. Camel Crush as well has the innovative menthol capsule inside and allows smokers to choose between menthol and non-menthol flavors.

Mr. Stebbins stated that according to recent market research there has been a huge group of adult cigarette-lovers who have been intrigued by landmark capsule, but willing to use it in a different way – for instance making already menthol cig even fresher whenever they would like to. Stebbins admitted the preliminary introduction of the extensions comprised almost no web communication with customers on packaging, as they wanted to give the smokers loyal to Camel Menthol an opportunity to get familiarized with the cigarette first, and the feedback has been great.

As regards the nationwide launch Camel’s senior marketing director said that they have prepared a series of promotional and awareness campaigns to introduce innovated Camel Menthols to a broader group of adult smokers across the nation.

The packages for new Camel Menthol will also be modified to a cooler and brighter color pallet which smokers find to be invigorating and fresh. But the mascot of legendary Camel brand is still there on the packs, reminding adult cigarette-smokers about the long history of outstanding success of Camel which dates back to 1913.

RJ Reynolds has as well decided to rename Camel Menthol Lights to Camel Menthol Silver, whereas the full flavor menthols would not have a new name.

However, the introduction of new products doesn’t mean that RJR would stop selling ordinary menthol products with no capsules in them. According to the company’s spokesman, such products will still be available, but would not receive excessive marketing support anymore, since all the emphasis would be put on the innovative products, as the demand for them is simply astonishing.

The RJR spokesman also admitted that they have received huge response regarding the latest line extensions and upon examining it, found out that the audience interested in innovative capsule technology comprises different people who can not be grouped according to gender, age or flavor preferences. But the major factor that unites all these people is the opportunity to taste something new and revolutionary, since menthol category is the most conservative segment in cigarette market.

Exactly that is the explanation of the amazing success of Camel Crush, since it offered adult smokers a landmark product totally different from any product they have ever tried.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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