How to Choose Hookah Tobacco and Charcoal

Published on April 26th, 2011 11:10

Hookah, also called shisha or narghilia, is a traditional water pipe, coming from the Middle East. It is currently growing in popularity being considered an essential part of social events and parties where people just sit and communicate peacefully. If you have all the needed equipment, but have difficulties choosing the right charcoal and tobacco, don’t be worried. You will find some nice tips on selecting the best tobacco and charcoals in the article below.


Tips for choosing the best hookah tobacco:

  1. Visit a nearby reputable tobacco store, or the shop were you have bought the hookah, they always some great brands, such as Al Fakher. You should remember that hookah tobacco differs significantly from traditional tobacco, used in pipes or for rolling own cigarettes.
  2. As the shop assistant to show you the tobacco you are going to buy. Hookah tobacco is prepared in a specific way; it is soaked in molasses, or even honey, in super premium brands. It should smell sweet be dark in color and sticky. In case the tobacco looks dry or is bright in color, better opt for another brand.
  3. Check how the tobacco was stored before purchasing. Shisha tobacco has to be stored in cool dark place, preferably in air tight container. After buying the tobacco, better store it in the fridge in an un-transparent container to keep it wet and fresh for longer.
  4. Hookah tobacco comes in so many flavors that sometimes the biggest problem is to choose between them. If you have a favorite fruit, you can try the tobacco of the same flavor. Generally, the most popular hookah tobacco flavors are apple, grape, peach, mint, strawberry and water melon. Experienced hookah smokers say that grape is the mildest flavor, but advice to mis flavors for an even better flavor.

While many underestimate the role of charcoal in hookah smoking, it is a vital part of great hookah puffing, as good quality charcoal is as important as good tobacco. The charcoal distributes the heat evenly to the tobacco in the bowl and contributes to a smooth smoking. Follow the tips below to get the best charcoals on the market.

Tips for choosing the best hookah charcoals:

  1. The most popular charcoals are made of wood. Traditional Arabic hookahs comprise wooden charcoals. So, when choosing the coals, make sure they are wooden.
  2. Try silver tab hookah charcoals, as they have a longer burning time and lack odor. Another advantage of these charcoals is that they are very easy to light up.
  3. Opt for the charcoals made from Belgium. These are the premium-quality charcoals which correspond with the high quality standards established in the European Union. Though Belgium colas are expensive they are worth the money.
  4. You can also try self-lighting coals, especially those imported from Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, as these are of the highest quality. With these coals you will get a care-free and smooth smoking process.
  5. If you are not a fan of spending a fortune on the charcoals, you can try to order the coals online from China or Thailand. They offer some very inexpensive natural charcoals of very nice quality.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved.

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