Filtered and Unfiltered Cigarettes - Similarities and Dissimilarities

Published on October 31st, 2012 00:00
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Before the 1950s all cigarettes were produced without filters. At those times any health risks were associated with smoking and tobacco products were not considered hazardous. During the 1950s, cigarettes were already linked to several lung diseases. The filtered cigarette was the industry’s solution to eradicating all public worries regarding cigarette safety.

What are the Benefits of Cigarette Filter?
The main aim of the cigarette filter is to decrease the level of nicotine and tar consumed. When a smoker inhales the smoke from the lit end moves through the cigarettes straight into the mouth and lungs. The filter possesses little holes that make the air to flow into the filter and the smoke to flow out. The main idea is that air will flow into the filter, pushing out an amount of the smoke and decreasing the level of actual smoke inhaled. The less smoke the smoker inhales, the less amount of all those hazardous components enters. The main difference between filtered and unfiltered cigarettes is that the latter assures a higher level of smoke and a more rich tobacco taste.

Do Cigarette Filters Have an Effect?
The difficulty with the cigarette filter is that the main reason people light up is a great addiction to cigarette components. Decreasing the level of nicotine the body gets from a single cigarette does not reduce the craving. There are smokers who cut the filter off their cigarettes before lighting them.

Some Facts about Nicotine
Nicotine is a chemical substance that exists in tobacco. Tobacco plant is the main ingredient in cigarettes. As tobacco possesses thousands of chemicals, nicotine is one that allows a relaxing side effect of tobacco. Some cigarette producers also add other components to their smoking products in order to improve the taste and flavor. Despite the fact that at present there are a lot of regulations  intended to control the amount of toxic substances in smoking products, tobacco remains the main ingredient. Filtered cigarettes really decrease the amount of nicotine, however they do not keep away nicotine inhalation, but they allow a greater protection than cigarettes without filters.

History of Cigarette Filters
Cigarettes were initially wrapped in corn husks. Already in 17th century, these husks were replaced with paper. In the 1830s cigarettes appeared in France and got they present name. Cigarette comes from the Spanish word “sigarito”. Until 1950s all cigarettes were sold without filter, now unfiltered cigarettes are still available, but smokers more often give preference to those with filter.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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