E-cigarettes, New Restaurants’ Escape

Published on May 17th, 2010 11:14

E-cigarettes appear after the smoking ban in public places. For example in Michigan the new smoking ban creates a rise in the e-cigarette industry.

The state local restaurant owner it’s looking at these electronic cigarettes as a new way to keep their staff and clients smoking habit legally indoors. Many who usually like to go to bars and restaurants in Michigan said that they’ve been fighting with ways to maintain their smoking customer base since the smoking ban went into effect starting with May 1st. But for one local restaurant, it wasn’t just the clients they were worried about, but almost their all staff who smoke too.


But fortunately the new e-cigarettes are the bars and restaurants escape from their problems caused by smoking ban. “It’s just vapor. It is water vapor, but gives the nicotine of each of these cartridges is approximately a pack of cigarettes,” declared Cindy Guillie who owns Guillie’s Coney Island.

The tobacco-free cigarettes that just throw out vapor became the answer to a worry problem for management at Guillie’s Coney Island in Genesee Township, where all by two of their employees continue to light up their cigarettes.

As the smoking ban was near in Michigan, Guillie said that she and her husband began to investigate the new concept of e-cigarettes. So, they discovered that there’s no smell, and there’s very little taste of nicotine, and of course they are free from all smoking bans because there’s no second-hand danger.

And when the smoking ban was enforced in Michigan too, Guillie and all her employees starting to use them and even observed that their cost is more effective. She considers that e-cigarettes are more environmentally friendly and even offers more benefits to all employees who are no longer inhaling cigarette smoke. “Nicotine does not cause cancer. Only the tar in the cigarettes causes cancer,” Guillie added. She recommended their new products to all employees, but for customers she sells these new products like hotcakes. In fact, some bars offer them only because they’re absolutely harmless.

While some of smoking customers still are choosing to take their food to go and light a cigarette and eat at picnic tables outside, but the e-cigarettes are turning into a solution for many customers who are looking to sit inside after a hard working day.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 TobaccoPub.com. All rights reserved.

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