Cigarette Shop can be Drink Shop Too

Published on May 31st, 2010 11:00

A lot of countries banned smoking in public places and even prohibited the cigarettes sell in tobacco store especially to minors. But not all cigarettes shops accepted the new legislation.

Cigarette or Drink Shop

For example a tobacco store on 27th Street will be permitted to sell and even serve beer and alcohol like wine. And last week, the Greenfield Common Council canceled a veto which would have blocked the business from doing so. The council had enforced a new measure on May 4th by permitting the owner of Cigarette Mart, to sell alcohol as section of a plan to enlarge the business into two empty resident spaces in the same strip mall.

Even the owner Brian Pulda declared to the council that he would like to build special lodges where people can enjoy their smoking pleasure, lounge and have a bottle of beer and wine in a more relaxed atmosphere, in contrast with loud and noisy bars.

The Mr. Pulda plan is one way of adaptation to a higher tobacco tax and the economic success. New regulations were made to accommodate the state’s smoking ban that goes into effect July 5th.

Aldermen who sustained the plan of Mr. Pulda said that he wanted to support small businesses and that this business would not have a negative influence on the neighborhood. “This is an estimable individual looking for a certificate to do business in our city and I have to support him,” Alderman Karl Kastner declared.

Another researcher Neitzke said that permitting alcohol sales is a bad method and will result in a rapid growth of bars in strip malls throughout the city. However, this one is over the heavily commercial 27th Street, others who will inevitably come eager with the same requests could be closer to homes, Neitzke added.

Neitzke was also interested about building machines that will be in the opportunity and said the new business will have negative influence ongoing efforts to resuscitate 27th Street. “It should be very clear that I am not against the decision of sale of alcohol,” Neitzke said. “I am, however, against what I believe to be the escalation of the presence of alcohol within our community in these uncontrolled and not defined settings.”

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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