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Published on July 5th, 2011 11:16

Cigarette smokers always have with them smoking accessories as cigarette lighter and some also prefer cigarette holder. Cigarette holder is a rather important accessory because it prevents the smoker’s lips from touching the cigarette. Moreover it helps to keep smoker’s hands clean and free of tobacco smell.

The cigarette holder is usually tubular in shape with a broad end which you attach to the filtered end of the cigarette. The other end of the cigarette holder is narrow, in order to assure a comfortable holding.

Cigarette holder

At present there are two types of holders, cigarette holders that are used for filtered tobacco products and those for non-filtered fags. Cigarette holders are generally made of wood or ivory but there are models made of precious metals as gold, silver and even platinum. But if you want something special then you may buy a cigarette holder encrusted with diamonds and other jewelries or a holder that will have hand sculpted embossing. With a great variety of cigarette holders, people often choose those which will reflect their personality. Also you may find holders with a manual ejection system, which will push out the exhausted part of cigarette.

The majority of cigarette holders that are sold today have filter system, which possesses either a charcoal or acetate based filter. Then there are holders with various flavored filters.

The main advantage of such filtered holders is that they help to absorb tar, nicotine and other chemicals eliminated from the cigarette. Such holders have no smell or taste; they do not affect environment and the health of smoker. Using such holders you inhale less nicotine, tar and other harmful chemicals.

It was proved that continuous use of cigarette holder produces positive effects on the respiratory system. Also a lot of smokers declared that the morning cough disappears after a prolonged use of cigarette holders. Besides reducing the penetration of dangerous substances to the body of a smoker, the cigarette holder was proved to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach that is brought about while smoking. According to scientists after the continuous use of filtered holders, smokers will observe a significant improvement in smell and taste senses. All those yellow and brown spots on teeth, fingers also tend to disappear.

Probably one more benefit of cigarette holder is that all who are around you won’t suffer from secondhand smoke, because holder reduces the amount of smoke exposed in environment. Thus you will have possibility to smoke where you want without exposing others. So you probably have convinced yourself that the cigarette holder is a great accessory and smokers should have it with them wherever they go, thus protecting themselves and people around them.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved.

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