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Published on January 20th, 2010 11:35
Camel Crash

Camel Crush was launched by RJ Reynolds just nearly two years ago; however this innovative extension of legendary cigarette line tasted huge success shortly after its introduction.

Industry analysts agree in opinion that Camel cigarette is one of the most successful launches by RJ Reynolds ever. The brand extension was initially introduced to several stores across Pennsylvania in April 2008. Then, in July it became available in all Pennsylvanian stores that sell cigarettes.

Usually, it takes months to promote a new brand, especially when almost all effective marketing strategies are restricted within the industry. However, Camel Crush was so enormously popular in Pennsylvania that RJR decided to launch it nationwide only two months after the release in the State. And this decision was a key to huge success of Camel Crush.

According to David Howard, Communications Director for RJ Reynolds, they planned to make Camel Crush sales nationwide, but they never supposed they would have to do this just 8 weeks from the introduction to test-market. However, the positive feedback and demand was so tremendous that they took the risk.

And Camel Crush’s success was simply beyond the manufacturer’s expectations. In just three months Camel Crush rose to a point-6 share. Such a performance is considered successful for a product that is selling for a year or two, but for a product that is available for only several months, it has been simply amazing and unprecedented.

If looking at Camel Crush, it appears to be an ordinary cigarette, made from Turkish tobacco, a characteristic feature for all Camel cigarettes. However, the most surprising thing is inside the Camel Crush cigarette. Every cig contains a diminutive crushable filled with menthol. Smokers can squeeze the filters to get a shot of menthol and switch from regular taste to menthol one anytime they want.

The product had an eye-popping promotion campaign with point-of-sale ads showing the capsule crushing, and menthol pouring out and slogan saying “Squeeze. Click. Change”.

RJR Communications Director admitted they had worked really hard to find such a marketing formula that would have not only shown the picture of the new products but also given direct instructions of how to use it and get the most pleasure from it. The slogan together with the image gives rise to the imagination of adult smokers, so the campaign had a huge resonance.

In general, Camel Crush has tasted an enormous success, and is considered to be one of the best masterpieces for the company. Mr. Howard says that the product became so popular in such a short time because of it revolutionary capsule, as it provides smokers with a pleasant option to have a non-menthol and menthol cigarette at the same time.

Overall, RJ Reynolds is a recognized industry leader in innovations. Just in the last two years it developed such market successes as Camel Crush, Camel Nr.9, and Camel Signature. In addition, the company has launched snus – smokeless tobacco products under the Camel name. And the company has no intent to stop its innovative attitude to its assortment.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 TobaccoPub. All rights reserved.

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