British American Tobacco Introduces Innovative Vogue Perle Capsule

Published on July 20th, 2012 00:00
Vogue Perle Capsule

The giant tobacco company British American Tobacco (BAT) always tries to amaze its customers by innovative and premium quality cigarette brands. This time it presented the world’s first demi-slim capsule Vogue Perle Capsule. This introduction will strengthen BAT’s reputation as the UK’s innovatory cigarette manufacturer, following the 2011 presentation of Vogue Perle, the first demi-slim cigarette. A few months after the launch of these demi-slim cigarettes, Vogue Perle has exceeded all expectations and surpassed sales forecasts. According to estimates, in August 2011, Vogue Perle demonstrated a national market share of about 0.05%, which is five times the share if Marlboro Gold Touch, which was launched at the same time.  At present stocked in 70% of retail outlets that are covered by BAT UK, 1,500 packages of Vogue Perle are nowadays sold each day across the UK.

Available at a recommended retail price of £6.20, Vogue Perle is placed in the middle price segment, where it at present accounts for 0.5% of share segment. Talking on the fortune of Vogue Perle, Hinesh Patel, Brand Manager at BAT stated: “Vogue Perle’s success belongs to the mix of a high quality product, the premium packaging which was created in Paris, as well as a flawless tobacco blend, all available at an affordable price. Cigarette aficionados also appreciate the new, compact demi-slim style as it still gives the same taste as a regular king size cigarette.” In order to support the trade of Vogue Perle, BAT started the Vogue Incentive Programme with about £50,000 worth of prizes granted for retailers to win.

Additionally the Vogue Perle will be backed with several deals in several distributive accounts. As about the newest innovation that is Capsule technology, it allows smokers to change the taste of their cigarette by a slight squeeze of a little capsule inside the filter, releasing a pleasant taste while smoking. It is an additional improvement to the smoking experience and can be used at any time during the smoke or not used at all, depending on the preferences of adult smoker.

Vogue Perle Capsule available at £6.72, according to BAT’s March Price List will help retailers increase the profit potential in the Premium segment. Capsule cigarettes have already produced 20mn sticks of volume sales and this segment continues to increase. Vogue Perle Capsule will possess the same rich 7mg blend as Vogue Perle.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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