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Published on August 3rd, 2012 00:00

Hookah, also known as waterpipes are used for smoking shisha tobacco. Some are designed only for personal use, while many others are made for group smoking. Hookahs have a central water vessel through which the smoke passes before it is inhaled by smokers. The water in hookahs is intended to cool and purify the smoke. The first hookah appeared for the first time in India. At present hookah smoking has a very important social function in the majority of Eastern cultures. The popularity of hookahs in America rose greatly between the 1960s and 1970s. There are even many special hookah bars around Europe and North America where people can relax in a quiet atmosphere and smoke their favorite shisha tobacco alone or with friends. Many American hookah bars are situated around college campuses and attract adult students. According to a recent study, about 40% of college students have tried hookah tobacco.

Types of Hookahs
Multi-stemmed hookahs usually have beautiful ornaments and have long tubes instead of stems. Such hookah constructions permit friends to join around a table and enjoy their hookah. Waterpipes also emit a calming bubbling noise which makes the smoking process more pleasant.

Particular hookahs have an additional chamber that holds a displacer. The displacer allows an extra filtering of the smoke through cool water. Such hookahs use heat exchange and melting in order to assure second level of interaction by the tobacco smoke with the cool water. When the hot tobacco smoke bubbles pass through the hookah chambers, the heat from the tobacco smoke is absorbed by the cool water.

Things to Keep in Mind
The hazard of smoking from hookahs is that during a usual hookah session that last from 45 minutes to an hour, smokers inhale about hundred times the amount of smoke in a regular cigarette.
Hookahs come in a great range of sizes, styles and shapes and are available both at local retailers and many online stores. You just have to choose you favorite hookah tobacco as for instance Café Crème, Colts or any other and enjoy it with you friends.


By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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