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Smoking in the military

Smoking in the military: An old habit dies hard. Soldiers got cigarettes in their C-rations during World War II. Even today, America's war on tobacco seems to have largely bypassed the military.
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Hate or Enjoy Smoking

Smoking is not an easy habit to quit and smoking can be a big addiction. Even in the home of smoking, tobacco use was banned in almost every public area.
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No Explanation for why Teenagers Smoke

The smoking habit among adolescents can be controlled by individual-level factors and contextual factors
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Big Tobacco Business still solid

Higher prices, weak economy, smoking ban and health concerns have decreased cigarettes demand among smokers, especially among smokers from USA.
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Acculturation influences Smoking Cessation

The information about acculturation and smoking cessation can be used to guide tobacco control efforts and media campaigns
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Minors Smoking Habit affected by Movies

Teenagers who started smoking may be influenced to do so by movies they saw in early childhood, a recent study suggested
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Why do we smoke cigarettes?

So why do we smoke cigarettes? It's Addiction, Desire to be cool and slim, Depression, Social situation, Environment and Peer Pressure or just Habit.
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Smoking rates highest among Native Americans

American Indians and Alaska Natives have the highest rate of cigarette use in the nation. Smoking Rate Among Native Americans is Still High. Smoking among Native Americans surpassed all other racial and ethnic groups.
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