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No Explanation for why Teenagers Smoke

The smoking habit among adolescents can be controlled by individual-level factors and contextual factors
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Acculturation influences Smoking Cessation

The information about acculturation and smoking cessation can be used to guide tobacco control efforts and media campaigns
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Minors Smoking Habit affected by Movies

Teenagers who started smoking may be influenced to do so by movies they saw in early childhood, a recent study suggested
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The Tobacco Success in Indonesia

In Indonesia, Philip Morris continues to argue that all it's trying to do is switch adult smokers from one brand to another.
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Anti-smoking advocates eager to convince FDA to ban menthol cigarettes

A week after implementation of flavored cigarettes, many public health groups started a campaign to persuade the American Food and Drug Administration to include menthol cigarettes into the list of banned smokes.
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Roll your own cigarette smoking is growing in Thailand

Thai Minister of Public Health introduced an appeal to the government to raise the tax on tobacco for rolling since more than a half of current adult smokers prefer hand-rolled tobacco
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Camel No.9 is coming for female smokers

RJ Reynolds is launching a new extension of the company’s major brand Camel namely for women, whit unique image of brand’s mascot Joe the Camel in the center of black-and-fuchsia stylish pack, framed with beautiful vivid flowers in the posters.
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There Is No the Better Place For Smokers than Las Vegas

There Is No the Better Place For Smokers than Las Vegas. The most populous city in Nevada, the seat of Clark County, shopping and fine dining, all these concerns Las Vegas.
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Smoking rates highest among Native Americans

American Indians and Alaska Natives have the highest rate of cigarette use in the nation. Smoking Rate Among Native Americans is Still High. Smoking among Native Americans surpassed all other racial and ethnic groups.
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Human Genes Linked with Cigarette Smoking

Smoking addiction depends of smokers genes. That’s why some of smokers can quit smoking easier than others
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The Number of Smoking Women in France is Growing

French Men are Giving Up Smoking, but Not French Smoking Women. Smoking is more prevalent in French women than male counterparts. French Women Keep Smoking to Stay Thin.
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Santa Monica Smokers out of the City

Smoking in Santa Monica City. Santa Monica Edicts Smoking Dwellers out of the City. No Smoking in public places and apartment buildings.
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Smoking among Teenage Girls is on Rise

Smoking among Teenage Girls is on Rise. Studies have found out that smoking makes you one of those "top girls", who are popular, rebellious, confident and who are know how to esteem oneself.
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