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Smokeless Tobacco not a Good Choice

One more study found that smokeless tobacco is not safe, because it can increased risk for deadly myocardial infarction (MI) and stroke
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Why Many Sportsmen Chew Tobacco?

Baseball players have long been the dubious poster boys for chewing tobacco, but today fewer than one in three major leaguers uses smokeless tobacco.
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Roll your own cigarette smoking is growing in Thailand

Thai Minister of Public Health introduced an appeal to the government to raise the tax on tobacco for rolling since more than a half of current adult smokers prefer hand-rolled tobacco
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Altria Launches New Snuff Brand - Expects it to Be a Success

Altria Group experts predict the new variety of Copenhagen moist snuff with a wintergreen flavoring will gain a major success.
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FDA is Worried Dissolvable Tobacco is Aimed at Kids

FDA is Worried Dissolvable Tobacco is Aimed at Kids, smokeless tobacco can pose to consumers and especially adolescents, as health officials are concerned these products can serve as a gateway to cigarette smoking.
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Lorillard to introduce new smokeless tobacco product soon

Lorillard, the largest cigarette company, and Swedish Match, the well-known smokeless tobacco maker to introduce new smokeless tobacco product soon. Snus are the future of tobacco industry
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Camel Dissolvable Tobacco become under Criticism from Scientists

FDA to Examine Camel Dissolvable Tobacco amid Criticism from Scientists. Camel Orbs are packed with nicotine and can poison children and lure young people to start using tobacco.
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Zero Style Mint, Japan Tobacco smokeless cigarettes

The 'Zero Style Mint' are smokeless cigarettes that have been introduced into Tokyo by Japan Tobacco, Inc. New Zero-Style Mint, a smokeless cigarette might come as a sigh of relief to rather large smoking community in Japan.
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Smokeless Tobacco More Dangerous than Cigarettes

Smokeless tobacco products can harm the normal function of a key family of enzymes found in almost every organ in the human body.
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