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The Tobacco Success in Indonesia

In Indonesia, Philip Morris continues to argue that all it's trying to do is switch adult smokers from one brand to another.
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Smoking Addiction depends on the Skin Color

This new research said just how addictive smoking is for smokers and how it depends on the color of their skin
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Raising the Smoking Alarm of Hookah

Even though most of smokers like to smoke more hookah than cigarettes, they should know about the big danger of hookahs
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Herbal Cigarettes are not Healthy

Smokers started to smoke herbal cigarettes only because they think that they are safer than regular cigarettes.
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Strict Control on Tobacco Products

Levels of nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide in each cigarette brand available in the UAE cannot prevailed the maximum set of international standards, thanks to a new regulation.
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Smokers who like menthol cigarettes have more difficulty to quit

Smokers who like menthol cigarettes have more difficulty to quit. Low-income makes smokers to break the smoking habit. Menthol Taste & Nicotine are Addictive.
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Liquid Cigarettes New Product for Smokers

Smoking ban decreased the Tobacco Manufacture income. A new product, liquid smoking, can encourage smoking, researchers said
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Camel Dissolvable Tobacco become under Criticism from Scientists

FDA to Examine Camel Dissolvable Tobacco amid Criticism from Scientists. Camel Orbs are packed with nicotine and can poison children and lure young people to start using tobacco.
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Smoking rates highest among Native Americans

American Indians and Alaska Natives have the highest rate of cigarette use in the nation. Smoking Rate Among Native Americans is Still High. Smoking among Native Americans surpassed all other racial and ethnic groups.
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Sales of nicotine replacement therapy products is Increasing

Demand for nonprescription nicotine replacement therapy Products is Increasing Due to Jump in Price on Tobacco Products. Sales of nicotine replacement therapy products is Increasing.
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BAT Launches Nicoventures to create innovative nicotine products

British American Tobacco Launches Nicoventures to create innovative nicotine products. BAT created an start-up unit Nicoventures Limited, which will concentrate efforts solely on development and marketing of innovative nicotine products.
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