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Anti-smoking advocates eager to convince FDA to ban menthol cigarettes

A week after implementation of flavored cigarettes, many public health groups started a campaign to persuade the American Food and Drug Administration to include menthol cigarettes into the list of banned smokes.
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Smoking, the Risk Factor of Rheumatism

The association between rheumatism and smoking is more clearly established in this recent article.
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Roll your own cigarette smoking is growing in Thailand

Thai Minister of Public Health introduced an appeal to the government to raise the tax on tobacco for rolling since more than a half of current adult smokers prefer hand-rolled tobacco
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Herbal Cigarettes are not Healthy

Smokers started to smoke herbal cigarettes only because they think that they are safer than regular cigarettes.
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Stop Smoking In Cars With Kids

Stop Smoking In Cars With Kids. Kids are permanently exposed to tobacco smoke which not without result affects their fragile health.
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FDA is Worried Dissolvable Tobacco is Aimed at Kids

FDA is Worried Dissolvable Tobacco is Aimed at Kids, smokeless tobacco can pose to consumers and especially adolescents, as health officials are concerned these products can serve as a gateway to cigarette smoking.
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Smoking Pregnant Women Could Affect Future Child’s Fertility

Smoking Pregnant Women Could Affect Future Child's Fertility. Smoking pregnant women affect male offspring future reproductive capacity
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The Number of Smoking Women in France is Growing

French Men are Giving Up Smoking, but Not French Smoking Women. Smoking is more prevalent in French women than male counterparts. French Women Keep Smoking to Stay Thin.
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Call to Re-examine Menthol Flavoring in Tobacco

A federal advisory panel said that removing menthol cigarettes from the market would benefit public health in the United States. The Committee Calls to Re-examine Menthol Flavoring in Tobacco.
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