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Smoking Product Aims to Win Assistance

There's very little support for tobacco or the industry among smokers and non-smokers
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Is Water Pipe Harmful as Cigarettes?

The water pipe tobacco smoking is not safer than smoking cigarettes. However people continue to negate this believe
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Why do we smoke cigarettes?

So why do we smoke cigarettes? It's Addiction, Desire to be cool and slim, Depression, Social situation, Environment and Peer Pressure or just Habit.
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Turkey's Smoking Ban

Turkey went smoke-free as the government introduced a ban in bars, cafes and restaurants -- despite business owners' protests - in a bid to break the national addiction to nicotine.
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Smoking rates highest among Native Americans

American Indians and Alaska Natives have the highest rate of cigarette use in the nation. Smoking Rate Among Native Americans is Still High. Smoking among Native Americans surpassed all other racial and ethnic groups.
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