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Published on June 3rd, 2010 11:39

Two weeks ago Japan Tobacco Co., the largest cigarette maker in Japan created an absolutely new and revolutionary type of tobacco products, a smoke-free cigarette with no harmful tobacco smoke and provides tobacco lovers with a chance to have shots of nicotine and don’t put other people at exposure to tobacco smoke.

The newest product, which was given a name of “Zero Style Mint” features a cigarette holder, which mimics conventional cigarettes containing a space for special cartridges with ground and roasted tobacco leaves. While using this product, smoker receives tobacco and mint taste and no harmful smoke.

Zero Style Mint

Zero Style Mint is selling in sets containing two cartridges and one stick for 300 yen (or slightly over $3). Though this smokeless cigarette was initially launched only in Tokyo stores, the product performed so impressively that Japan Tobacco already announced the start of nationwide sales scheduled for June 10.

Experts consider that the latest novelty will be a top-selling tobacco product in short-term perspective, because though smoking is still a popular activity in the country, and particularly among adult men, there is a constantly growing tendency of perceiving smoking as a health-hazard. Today, smokers make up almost 37 percent of adult men, dropping from 42 in the 1990s, and the authorities are eager to keep the rates dropping, by approving various anti-smoking measures, including the recently implemented public smoking ban. However, many of those regulations remain not enforced and flouted.

Meantime, smokers already expressed their positive attitude to the smokeless cigarette, as “Zero Style Mint” was sold out in several hours after its launch.

“They are selling exceptionally, because smokers are highly interested in these innovative products, stated Ryoko Fuda, owner of a tobacconist shop in Tokyo. “There was a huge line of smokers willing to purchase Zero Style Mint when we launched the sales two weeks ago, ad the demand is only growing.” She also admitted that their initial stock of those products was sold out in just two days.

However, the legal status of these products is still hazy, as the reactions on smokeless cigarettes from officials, business owners and even airline companies are mixed.

Japan’s leading airline company, Japan Airlines, declared last week that smokeless cigarettes are allowed on-board as long as there are no complaints from other passengers.

All Nippon Airways, the second-largest airline company in the country, claimed in statement that the use of any cigarette containing nicotine is prohibited, no matter if it emits smoke or not.

At the same time, smokeless cigarettes have not been banned by railway companies, who said they would examine the reaction of the passengers on the products, and decide afterwards.

Japanese Prefectures incline to permit the usage of new products in public places on grounds that they don’t emit hazardous smoke.

For, example in Tokyo the users of Zero Style Mint have not received a fine so far for usage of these products in public places, whereas smokers of conventional cigarettes will be fined by of 2,000 yen ($25) if caught on puffing in public areas.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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